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The Ultimate Kids Party Planner for super busy Supermums

You want your child to have the ultimate birthday party, but you’re already so busy as a mother. If you’re like many other modern Supermums, you’ll dread planning the party. And you'll be extremely relieved when it's finally over.

Will you remember franticly running around during the party and collapsing when the last guest leaves? Or will you remember enjoying the special day with your precious child?

So how can you enjoy the party, as much as your child will?

This is where The Ultimate Kids Party Planner saves the day.


What's in the Planner?

Free Party Planner Perth

You'll receive...


20 pages of printable checklists

Designed especially for busy mums. These cover everything you need to organise in the time leading up to the party.



The In Case of Emergency sign-in sheet

Now you can keep track of all your little guests and their parents' phone numbers, in case of an emergency. This could be a life-saver. It's vital to use this if your party is at a park or a party venue, to carefully keep track of the guests under your care.



11 printable Colouring pages, 11 Word Search puzzles and 6 Mazes

These 28 activities are great for keeping little guests occupied. They can do one after playing physical games, or while they're waiting for the next activity to begin. We even provide the solutions to the word searches.



80+ Welcome Signs

Choose from our collection of 80+ printable Welcome signs to direct your guests to the party. We have many different styles and colours to suit your party theme. These signs are particularly handy if you want your guests to enter without knocking, or to use a side entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it too late?

The Ultimate Kids Party Planner contains checklists for 4-6 weeks before the party, right up to the day of the party.

Even if your party is on this weekend, it’s worth scanning the lists to make sure you haven't forgotten anything important (or fun).

You’ll also get all the fun printable puzzles and activities that your little guests will love.


Will it work for me?

You can plan a great party regardless of your personality style. If you’re not a natural-born organizer, you can simply follow the checklists in the planner.

All the thinking has been done for you. If you’re a “go with the flow” type of mum, you can use the checklists as a flexible guide.

If you use lists everyday to stay organised, you’ll love having these checklists already prepared for you.


Do I have time?

As a busy mum, you're short on time. Having 20 pages of checklists to complete may seem daunting. But having no checklists at all is even more daunting, as so many things could be overlooked or forgotten. The checklists are organised into different time-frames, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

When the day of the party arrives, you’ll be so much more relaxed and able to join the fun.


Is it Aussie?

Don't bother trying to use irrelevant American-made checklists off Google and Pinterest. Krystal designed this party planner here locally in Perth.

Krystal has many years of experience in the children’s entertainment industry. She’s also the mother of three boys, and understands what it’s like to plan parties for her own kids.

A busy Aussie mum wrote this planner for busy Aussie mums.


Is it 100% free?

The Ultimate Kids Party Planner is completely free.

You’ll also receive occasional tips on how to hold a successful party for kids.

(You'll be able to stop receiving them with just a click of a link, whenever you like).

Your email address will never be shared or sold to any third parties. We hate spam as much as you do.


How can I get it?

Avoid last minute runs to the shops and unnecessary headaches. There’s nothing worse than realising on the day of the party that you forgot something important.

So please pop your name and email address in the form below. We'll email you the link to download your free copy of The Ultimate Kids Party Planner in your email inbox.

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